Sunday, March 31, 2024

Fatal Love (1993) delivers CAT III goodness.

Hong Kong gave the world a glorious gift in the form of its notorious CAT III films but this one especially stood out to me. There are plenty of other amazing titles in this wonderfully nasty den of cinema, which I'm sure are arguably much better (Diary of a Serial Killer comes to mind... so wrong in every way or the infamous Ebola Syndrome of course) yet I have to hold up Fatal Love. It's quite twisted and I didn't see the end coming although I should have but the story pulled me in. Ellen Chan should have gotten an Oscar. Alright, maybe that's a bit much but she did a killer job in this as a cop on the trail of a really sick bastard. There are some fun twists in the story and my enjoyment of the film has nothing to do with the beautiful leading lady. Nope, nothing at all. You believe me right? Hello? I'm talking to myself again, aren't I? It's crazy they got away with making films like these. Crazy awesome.

I'm reminded of one eternal truth: I need to watch more CAT III. If you haven't seen the documentary Category III: The Untold Story of Hong Kong Exploitation Cinema, I highly recommend that as well. Naked Killer, Raped By an Angel aka Naked Killer 2Dr. LambBloody BeastFatal PassionThe Untold Story, Taxi Hunter, The Other Side of Dolls, The Rapist, Trilogy of Lust, The Peeping Tom, etc. What a dark demented rabbit hole. You'll love it.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Malabimba (1979) goes hard on the sleaze.

If you watched The Exorcist and thought to yourself, "Not bad but where's all the nudity and sex?" then don't worry, this Italian "horror" movie was made for you. The full title The Malicious Whore lets you know exactly what you're in for. It's very strange and kind of disturbing (I guess that's the horror part... the Italian meaning of "wicked child" is even more disturbing) but if you've ventured into the dark sewer known as erotic horror, I think you pretty much know what to expect. I didn't realize Satan's Baby Doll (yes, I've seen it... hey, great poster) is basically a remake of this but that makes perfect sense. I prefer the latter... I think. My memory is a bit hazy and so many of these movies kind of run together. Malabimba has a pretty amazing location in an old castle and for being a sexploitation film, it delivers on that front. I was hoping maybe for some more horror but it's pretty light on that. Sure possession and "evil voice" but most of the horror is rather laughable instead of scary.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Thanksgiving (2023) is a blast.

I had such a great time watching this. It's a fantastic blend of comedy and horror. It doesn't take itself too seriously but the threat is very real. Eli Roth knocked it out of the park. He builds the tension very well then turns on a dime to make you laugh. The FX are excellent with some imaginative, gruesome kills. I'm excited for the sequel, and I hope it's even crazier, but I loved the actors in this. The cast was really perfect. No spoilers but they couldn't have picked a better killer. I was so happy, and I couldn't predict who it was at all. The writing was quite clever and I like what it has to say about American society. There was a real point to the carnage (not that there always has to be but it gave the film more meaning). Sure I would've liked the killer's mask to be a bit more creepy or messed up but it makes sense the town wouldn't have scary masks like that for everyone so they struck a good balance plus you see a cooler burned mask later. The tagline is hilarious too and fun in the film.