Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hot Girl of Horror #15: Arianny Celeste

Confession time: she hasn't done any horror movies. Yep, I'm a terrible person... I'm destroying the sanctity of this very-deep-and-insightful, not-just-a-bunch-of-hot-girl-photos column. Yeah... nobody cares. She hasn't done one yet so I'd like to be the first to nominate her for future horror queen. Come on. She was in Here Comes the Boom. No horror movie could be worse than that. Did I actually see it? Let's be serious... did anyone see it? Now, who wouldn't want to see this girl in a horror movie? Somebody dropped the ball... Hollywood, shame on you. Please correct this extremely serious oversight right away. Nothing could be more serious. Nothing. Correction: a studious commenter informed us she was in a tiny-budget horror film called Repost This... Or Die! but sadly, it seems you can't watch this film anywhere.



  1. Not that I mind Kevin James all that much, but no, I did not see "Here come the Boom."

  2. She actually DID appear in a low budget B horror movie years ago. Not sure it was ever released nationally. It was called "Repost This or Die"

  3. Haven't seen her movies yet but can't wait to. She's breath takingly beautiful.

  4. I actually have a DVD copy of "Repost This or Die !"
    She's the hottest girl in the movie for sure !


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