Friday, August 17, 2018

Turbo Kid (2015) rocks.

First off, Michael Ironside. That is always a plus but this film has so much imagination and heart I don't think you could resist it. Then they spray you with some over-the-top gore, chuck in a few laughs, and a little nostalgia with every kid's dream come true: a Power Glove that blows shit up. Hell yeah. So many post-apocalyptic movies are far too bleak and dour. You don't want to sit through them but this one makes the time fly. Of course, I enjoy depressing flicks sometimes but every once in a while, you need some bright colors or you can't appreciate the dark. Our heroes are sympathetic and interesting. The bad guys are a joy too. I didn't expect it to be so bloody but that is right up my alley. It's an odd duckling and that is why it's so charming. I can't believe this was a co-production between Canada and New Zealand. There is hope for us yet. If you're in the mood for a good time, put this on. You won't regret it.