Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hot Girl of Horror #7: Kelly Brook

Piranha 3D is definitely her most well-known horror movie although she was also in Removal (gothic horror meets industrial-strength cleaning products? really? like that's how they're selling it?), House of 9 (sounds like a bad TV show), Ripper, and a few other genre flicks. Sorry I'm still shocked there's a horror film with the tagline, "Wash. Rinse. Repeat. And repeat." Wow, that's fuckin terrible. Is it supposed to be a comedy? No, it says, "Thriller." Alright, let's try to forget that exists. Yep, it's impossible. Who comes up with this shit? Is Mr. Miyagi supposed to be the killer? I mean you really want me to take that seriously? Ok, it's low budget. I haven't seen it. Maybe it's the most amazing thing ever with the dumbest fuckin tagline ever... yeeeeaahhh. We'll go with that. You never know. I should shut up. So if you saw Piranha 3D, there's a certain underwater sequence you're not going to forget, and you can thank Ms. Kelly Brook for that.

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