Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hot Girl of Horror #8: Monica Keena

Freddy vs. Jason is what I remember her from. She was a little unintentionally funny in it sometimes, but she did a good job. The Night of the Demons remake was pretty good too, and she didn't hurt it either. She hasn't really done a ton of horror, but the projects she has been in are some of the better stuff. Yes, I never saw Left in Darkness and the cover makes me want to avoid it, but she also had a tiny part in The Devil's Advocate. Anyway, I keep getting distracted by something. Well, I guess there's more than one. Two big... hey! Get your head out of the gutter, will you? I'm talking about her eyes ok? Am I talking to you or me? Seriously, we all know why slow motion was invented, right? Monica Keena, Freddy vs. Jason, and slow motion... that's an unbeatable combination. I wonder if she has done any more horror since then. I'm lazy. Ice cream tastes good. I know this place here that has grape ice cream. Can you believe that? How do they get grapes in ice cream form? Boggles the mind right? Ninjas do it? I knew it. Freakin ninjas. Amazing. I wonder what else they do. Everything? Ninjas do everything? Wow the world is a magical place. Worth fighting for. What's in the box!?! Grape ninjas. Brilliant. I should be a writer... oh wait.

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