Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Human Race is one of the best indie horror films I've seen.

True, it does have some CG blood, but it's extremely original, full of surprises, and completely engrossing from start to finish. I really don't understand the negative reviews out there. Did they watch the same movie? I've seen a lot of indie horror, and most of it falls flat, but this film is incredible. It's also quite gory and brutal. No one is safe. The actors are fantastic too especially Eddie McGee, Trista Robinson, and T. Arthur Cottam.

The writer/director Paul Hough plays with your expectations constantly, and the body count is insanely high. I love Battle Royale, which this movie does remind me of. but it's still very much its own beast. I highly recommend you check it out. I can't believe it was shot over 4 years, filming for a few days at a time and then taking 2-3 month breaks. That is just insane, and I had no idea watching it. I couldn't tell they did that at all.

The only negatives are the CG effects and maybe some of the acting, but it still kicks ass. The fact the leads aren't your typical stupid teens but two deaf people and a man with one leg really should be applauded especially since they're real characters, not silly stereotypes. Why can't Hollywood put out something daring and truly horrific like this? Oh, that's right. They only care about brand names and easy cash grabs.