Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hot Girl of Horror #16: Tanit Phoenix

I skipped the sequels to The Lost Boys (and I don't think I missed much), but she's in the third film, and she stars in the follow-ups to the Death Race remake. Again, I didn't see them. She has a part in Wesley Snipes's long-delayed Gallowwalkers too, but I have no idea if that will be any good or if it will ever actually get released. So yeah, I haven't seen her act in anything, but she is quite beautiful. The photo of her with a flamethrower from Death Race 2 kinda makes me want to watch that movie although I'm sure it'll only leave me disappointed. But who knows. I like Carnosaur 2. Heck, I even like Carnosaur 3. I do draw the line at Raptor though. You can't just recycle your dinosaur footage. No sir I catch onto that. You ever just want to be a flamethrower? No relation to the photo below of course. No, no, no relation at all. I just like... uhm fiery things. That's fair right? Totally normal? No? Damn.


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