Wednesday, June 7, 2006

One Week Down

We put all the fight scenes later in the shoot to give us more time to rehearse (and so I can figure out how the hell we're going to pull them off... never write a fight scene). Everyone had to find their footing this week so we got some easy stuff out of the way. There's still a ton more to do. This is where robots would come in handy. Damn robots, why can't they invent themselves? At the very least, we should have androids by now. Why not a cat robot? It's not like cats are very useful anyway. Ah, I'm just kidding. Cats are cool. I just prefer robots. What was I talking about? Ninjas? No, I don't have a cat. So yeah, Rambo II has my answer. "How will you live, John?" "Day by day." How do I not get completely overwhelmed? Shot by shot. Yep, everything in life I learned from Rambo II. When life gives you lemons, act like you're sleeping then shove a bazooka through its window and blow up that damn Russian.

We're using a mini-35 kit to give the image a more shallow depth of field/cinematic quality. It's the same thing Danny Boyle's DP used on 28 Days Later. Yep, we stole it from them. Booyah. But I wasn't smart enough to build it on my own (thanks Redrock).

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