Saturday, June 3, 2006

First Day: Principle Photography

Ticks. Fat, deer ticks. We have to constantly pick them off and check our clothes. At least, the big ones are easy to see. It's the little ones you have to worry about later (yessssss!). But you get used to them or you stop caring. Probably just the latter.

We're shooting in Clinton, Missouri, on my aunt and uncle's land. That's an hour and a half away from Springfield where Carey and Laurel (our lead actors) live. That means a lot of driving and hotel rooms but also... wait for it... free breakfast! I know... I wish it was a M41A Pulse Rifle too.

Flies keep buzzing the blood on Laurel’s clothes. It makes the audio a mess, but that’s not all. Even clear out in the woods, our shotgun mic still picks up cars, boats, planes, tractors, etc. I thought we'd have better luck this far away from any city (ie the perfect place for some stupid teens to run into a family of mutant robots). I really want to make sure the sound is good. They say that's usually the thing that suffers most in an independent film (you know... besides bad writing, bad acting, bad lighting, bad directing, bad FX, bad music, basically bad everything).

I found a really helpful piece of advice online. Set each audio channel to a different level so if one clips, the other should still be ok. You always need to check your levels with your actors beforehand too.

I wanted to film a couple different scenes today, but we only got one done. Aaron said that's usually the way it goes. Not if I was a ninja! Or ED-209. I always wanted to be ED-209. Big guns for hands. Hard time going down stairs, but it's a fair trade off. Is somebody actually reading this? Yeah, I didn't think so. Glad we're finally shooting though. I've been dreaming of this for a long time. Now, I just got to make sure this movie doesn't suck.

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