Saturday, August 29, 2020

Personal Shopper (2016) amazes and impresses.

A unique, incredible film wonderfully executed. Kristen Stewart has really grown on me between this and Underwater. She has great taste in projects, and this French director is phenomenal. No spoilers but I was genuinely surprised a number of times since I knew nothing about this before seeing it (the best way to watch a movie). It's funny how the poster tries to emphasize her sexuality. I guess you have to sell it somehow. At least, it doesn't give anything away. The way this movie deals with its subject matter is quite revealing and very different from other similar films. I can't quite say what that is without ruining it but it's not the typical flashy Hollywood style. It feels far more real and impactful here. I keep thinking about this movie and I love it. I'm getting older haha life sucks but movies rule. I wish there more subtle mature films like this one. The atmosphere in Personal Shopper is truly magnificent. I'm sad I never heard of this until it was recommended to me.

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