Friday, July 18, 2014

Hot Girl of Horror #30: Yvonne Strahovski

I first saw her on Dexter... if only the ending to that show wasn't so terrible. I did actually like her character though. She was also in Chuck and now 24. Besides her two-season stint with TV's most infamous serial killer, she also appeared in Gone, a 2006 Australian movie (not very surprising since she was born in the "land down under"), and I, Frankenstein. Not the best horror movies by any means, but Gone doesn't sound too bad. TV tends to be far better than film these days anyway with Breaking Bad, Dexter (except the finale), Game of Thrones, etc.


  1. she is on my "a" list... she is picking some interesting projects. they need to revisit "chuck" for a better ending and clear up the "what happens"...

    1. I'm just now getting into "Chuck." Pretty late I know. It's a great show. I'll have to see what you mean about the ending when I finally get there. I'm a little worried now.

  2. Men's dreams everywhere were finally realized in Manhattan Night. 8 you've seen it, then you know what I mean.


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