Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hot Girl of Horror #17: Drew Barrymore

Scream is what I immediately think of. Not a huge part but definitely one you remember, and her performance couldn't have been better. There's also Doppelganger and Waxwork II. I haven't seen either. Seems like the former is mostly famous for her nudity. I don't know if Donnie Darko is horror or not, but it's damn good (not the director's cut though), has some creepy moments, and they watch Evil Dead in it so what the hell I'll include it. Of course, she also did a couple horror films as a kid: Cat's Eye, which kinda freaked me out with that troll thing, and Firestarter. Something cool about Donnie Darko. Raimi actually let them use that Evil Dead footage for free.

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