Thursday, May 31, 2012

John Carpenter's The Thing Deleted Scenes and Alternate Ending

Just found this. I had read about this alternate ending before, which was supposedly used in some TV versions. I'd still like to see the MacReady blood test ending, but I'm sure that'll never get out, and it's not like it'd be riveting to watch anyway. The deleted Burke cocoon scene in Aliens should've been a lot of fun to see, but it was just disappointing and awkward (Reiser's performance in it was terrible). Of course, that makes sense since Cameron didn't put it in the Special Edition. Still, it's interesting to see new footage. Feels almost like a glimpse into dimension X.


  1. I have a copy on DVD-r the TV cut of the film those deleted scenes & alternate ending are taken from. I think it was an AMC airing of it.

    1. Very cool. I've always loved the idea of deleted scenes and alternate endings. Sometimes, I've even had dreams where I saw a different cut of Aliens... kinda strange I guess, but I loved it. Heck, I still have dreams about being in a toy store and discovering all kinds of new rare Kenner Aliens figures. Not sure what it says about me when those are some of my best dreams. I'm just an Aliens fan at heart and still very much a kid.


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