Sunday, June 11, 2006


We've been trying to space out the day and night scenes so the actors and crew don't melt into radioactive space moles (damn moles), but some days we're literally filming from one sunrise to the next. Laurel is also acting in a play this month so we've been working to accommodate her too (kill me... I told her it was ok since I didn't want her choosing between that play and this movie... Laurel is awesome but scheduling = death). Anyway, so far, so good. Tonight, we shoot one of the nightmare sequences (bet you've never seen one of those in a movie huh?). Running extension cords through the woods has been interesting (if you consider interesting, tripping through pitch black heavy forest). It's difficult not to blow a circuit with all the power the lights draw. Yeah, we've done it a couple times. My aunt and uncle love me (I think they're deciding where to bury the body). We got a special circuit protector to help though. Here's another fun fact: a lot of insects are attracted to the lights. It's a swarm some nights. Moths, June bugs, etc. So every once in a while you hear a pop and see a cloud of smoke coming out of the lights. That one didn't make it. Bugs: 0. Lights: 548.

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